Nienke van der Haak-Kraeima

Voice-over & Voice Acting

Voice over & Voice acting,
with my own studio

Being a Dutch female voice over indicates that my voice is clear, bright and slightly different. Some say my voice contains a smile and a bit of a rough edge. Clients often book me for my bright and enthusiastic voice. My voice is cheerful, yet serious, honest, convincing and sometimes rather lighthearted. My voice makes heavy stuff lighthearted. Therefore, my Dutch voice provides your production, video, commercial or e-learning just that sound you’re searching for!

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A custom demo with my voice for your project?

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I dare to say that because of my years of experience, 95 percent of all cases, my chosen tone of voice is correct. Of course, this saves you time as well! Mostly, my clients ask for a short delivery time, which is possible! Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • 95% cases are correct at once
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